Purchasing of machinery, trade-in

Purchasing of machinery, trade-in

Each glass processing plant renews scheduled the outdated machines to the new. Our company not only delivers of high-tech equipment and spare parts, but also the purchases of your used machinery. If you sell a machine for the glass industry or would like to exchange it for another one, we offer you a trade-in service, a sales promotion (marketing, mediation) or a purchase of machinery. The evaluation, dismantling, loading, transport are at our expense. Individual approach to each customer - we always find an opportunity for mutually beneficial cooperation!


This service lets take into account your used machine the for a new machine, spare parts or services, thereby it reduces the overall price. If you need an exchange, our company accepts your used machine as a partial contribution to the purchase of a new one. In addition to new machines, you can exchange your used machine for spare parts or other services we offer. In other words, we propose for you a profitable business: to buy a new machine/ spare part/ service by paying part of the cost with your old machine.

Sales promotion (marketing, mediation)

If you would like to sell your machine/ line or spare parts, we offer you a marketing program . There are two options: the first - machinery locate by you; and the second - they will be transported to our stock. During only one day information about your goods will be published on our website. Our web resource are regularly viewed by the target audience worldwide, so your machines will be easily sold at market affordable prices.

Purchasing of machinery

If the sale from your side is urgently required, we will agree with you the price and terms and pay in any favorable for you form. We buy the machines of each year of construction, in any technical condition and in any completeness.

For our decision tell us the following information, please:
1. Manufacturer.
2. Type of machinery according to the nameplate, production year.
3. Technical condition, short technical characteristics.
4. Photos in good resolution incl. nameplate and control cabinet inside.
5. Location.
6. When is the machine available?
7. Trade-in, marketing or purchase - what would be suitable for you?
8. Your price expectation.

Which machinery could we buy?
1. Cutting tables and lines Hegla, Lisec, Bystronic, Bottero, Intermac
2. Edge grinding machines and bevellers Bovone, Bottero, Bavelloni, Adelio Lattuada, Schiatti Angelo
3. Double-sided grinding lines Benteler, Besana, Bottero, Bavelloni, Schiatti Angelo
4. CNC Centers Intermac, Bavelloni, Bottero, Bimatech, CMS Brembana; vertical CNC centers Lisec, Bystronic, Schraml topDRILL, CMS Brembana, Skill Glass
5. Drilling machines Bavelloni, Busetti, Schraml topDRILL, RBB, CMB Besana, Janbac, Schiatti, CNC drilling and milling centers Forvet
6. Washing machinery Lisec, Bystronic-Lenhardt, Triulzi, Forel, Benteler, Buxtrup, Polyglass
7. Insulating glass lines and single machines Lisec, Bystronic-Lenhardt, Forel; 2-k sealing machinery and freezers Lisec, Reinhadrd Technik, HDT, TSI; georgian bar machines Hegla
8. Laminated glass line Lisec, Bystronic-Armatec, Bovone, Glassrobots, Benteler, Klöpper, Torgauer, Bottero; autoclaves Scholz, Terruzzi
9. Tempering furnaces Tamglass, Uniglass, Glasstech; HST (heat-soak test) furnaces from European manufacturers
10. Vacuum lifters Bystronic-Armatec, Pannkoke, Hegla, loading forks Hegla, Pannkoke
11. Easy crane systems, column and wall cranes, manipulators, glass storage systems from European manufacturers
12. Sandblasting machines Fratelli Pezza, MHG, SAG
13. Other machines by aggreement

To solve this question, tell us the necessary information by e-mail, please, and we will take care of the rest! We work 24/7 for our customers: glass processing companies, banks, leasing companies, auctions, insolvency administrations, legal entities and private persons.