What do we offer?

If you decide to open the new double glazed units production or to update the outdated models of existing production machines, to re-equip them for another type of sealant or to increase productivity, you will need the presented machinery on our website. Here you can find and purchase an extruder for the primary or/and secondary sealing of double glazed units from the well-known global brands. Our website presents the machines of the leading European manufacturers - the most popular and necessary production machines and extruders.

Reinhardt Technik, HDT, TSI

Our sections of Reinhardt Technik, HDT, TSI present a huge selection of the extruders for one- and two-component sealants, as well as freezers and flushing pumps. These manufacturers specialize in the production of equipment for both secondary sealing of insulating glass units, and for feeding, dispensing, mixing, gluing and applying various media for all industries as well.

On our website you can choose and buy the high-tech modern machinery, both new and used (in their technical state fairly new). Ordering products from us, you will not only get time-tested high quality and reliability, but also professional maintenance by our specialists, as well the spare parts that are always available in our stock, with the shortest delivery time to you.

Lisec and other machinery

Looking on the product section of the manufacturer LISEC, you can choose and buy the equipment you need for the double glazed units production. It includes: a butyl extruder for primary sealing, extruders of the two-component sealants for secondary sealing of double glazed units, a purging pump for the cleaning of the parts that were already in contact with the sealants and a refrigerator for freezing and thawing of the mixers with 2-c sealants.

We also have and expose the machines and lines of our customers which were bought through the trade-in program.