FiltersFilters in the form of oil, fuel and air filters are necessary for the production of cars. Liquid filters are used where solids must be held out of a gas or liquid stream. Filters with activated carbon and respiratory protection are used both in industry and in air and water purification plants or for personal protection from hazardous substances. In medical technology filters are used in dialyzers. And this is only a small part of examples of diverse applications in which filters accompany us in almost all spheres of life.

No less diverse are the materials from which the filters are made, depending on use, such as paper, synthetic fibers, metals, nonwovens, fiberglass. For example, a blood filter is made of compact beams consisting of 10,000 to 12,000 thin hollow synthetic fibers that are embedded in a polycarbonate body and sealed with a polyurethane sealant.

Basically in the manufacture of filters various components are glued, sealed or fluids are metered in potting or in casting applications, the frame material and the filtering material are connected together to ensure tightness. On our site you will find modern machines recommended for the production of filters.