AutomotiveIncreasing of competition coupled with stricter government regulations in terms of environment protection, fuel economy and production resources continue to shape the development of the automotive industry, especially in reducing resources, smaller budgets and shorter time frames for their implementation.
Bonding and sealing have already replaced traditional bonding methods in many fields of application because the advantages of industrial adhesives and sealants speak for themselves:

- Simplified and more efficient manufacturing processes.
- Possibility of economical and quick assembly, replacement of several types of assembly in a single way of gluing, simultaneous assembly of many structural elements.
- Reducing the weight and size of components.
- Adhesives can serve as a sealing effect preventing exposure to moisture and chemicals. In many cases the glue line is heat-, noise-, and electrical insulator which can also reduce electrolytic corrosion between dissimilar materials.
- More even distribution of tension in the bonded elements than during welding, riveting and threaded connections. This is due to the presence of tension as well as the absence of holes for rivets and bolts.
- Joining of dissimilar materials which may differ significantly in properties, modulus of elasticity and thickness: a combination of metals, rubbers, plastics, foam materials, wood, glass, composites, etc.
- The ability to connect heat-sensitive materials that are deformed or destroyed by welding or soldering.
- The deformation ability of many adhesive materials provides the ability to absorb, redistribute or more evenly transmit stresses from one structural element to another.
- Adhesives can serve as a sealing material to prevent exposure to moisture and chemical reagents. In many cases, the glue line is heat, sound and electrical insulator, and can also significantly reduce electrolytic corrosion between dissimilar materials.

Ever-increasing demands for increased productivity and quality require reliable production equipment for processing materials as well as appropriate quality control. Our machinery is time-tested, widely and successfully used in practice and is the preferred equipment for the industrial processing of adhesives and sealants in automotive.